The royalty-free PDF component for you to use if you need to create, read, or manipulate PDF documents in your application or web service.

The library is an "Any CPU" assembly and will JIT to 64 bit code when loaded into a 64 bit process and 32 bit code when loaded into a 32 bit process. The library has no additional dependencies.

Docotic.Pdf Library is for .NET 2.0 and later frameworks. Version for .NET Standard Library 1.3 is also available.

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Client testimonials

We use Docotic.Pdf library in our cloud solution. It was very easy to implement. Due to it’s cloud friendly license model, we could get rid of our virtual machines (which resulted in a very happy Dev Ops).

We process a lot of different pdf’s, and once in a while we run into one that cannot be process. The support and development team is extremely efficient and often they release a fix the same day.

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