HTML to PDF features

You can convert HTML to PDF using the Docotic.Pdf library. Check the resources mentioned on this page to find out how to create beautiful PDFs from your data.

HTML to PDF conversion process

You would need the HTML to PDF add-on for HTML to PDF conversions. This is a free add-on for the Docotic.Pdf library. The add-on is also available in the zip file with library binaries.

Docotic.Pdf library 9.4.17358-dev HTML to PDF add-on 9.4.17358-dev
Regression tests 14,737 passed Total NuGet downloads 4,335,543

API reference

On our site, we provide the API reference for the HTML to PDF add-on.


Read the following to know more about HTML to PDF conversion in C# and VB.NET code.

Sample code

Check the sample code that shows how to convert HTML to PDF documents in C# and VB.NET.