Client testimonials about Docotic.Pdf

I am very impressed with the level of expertise and customer service I have received while evaluating your product. Thank you for providing such prompt and informative support.

Morrie HO

After many years of working with an older PDF component it was time for an upgrade. We researched carefully to choose a new one. Eventually we settled on Docotic.pdf by BitMiracle. We use the BitMiracle Docotic.pdf component for producing and working with PDF documents in our products. This is a high quality, robust component. The component is well thought through and memory efficient. Performance is important to us as our apps are web-based.

Sergey and Vitaliy provide us with an excellent level of support. They are proactive in developing and supporting their product, and are always polite and professional. The BitMiracle GitHub repository contains a large library of examples to get you up and running quickly.

The component is very reasonably priced. I highly recommend this component. We have been able to fully replace the older Pdf component we were using with Docotic.pdf

This sort of very fast and very detailed support answers gives a lot of confidence in your company and your product. I just want to let you know that in the end, it was partly because of this great support that you now have a new customer :-)

I've used a lot of PDF libraries, but Docotic.Pdf gives me the best impression. I was surprised by his rich API and simple calling method, and even more surprised by his professionalism in detail. Yes, Docotic.Pdf has deep research on some details and stands out from many PDF libraries with similar functions.

At the same time, the support team is also very good. They can communicate directly with developers from a very professional perspective, which is very helpful to solve problems.


Docotic.Pdf has exceeded all of my expectations. It’s extremely fast, it’s easy to use and it can do everything that I have needed it to do. The optimization functions have helped to reduce the size of our generated PDFs by as much as ninety percent! The documentation is very easy to use and there are example projects for many different use cases.

The support team is also fantastic to work with. I was trying to use the library in an experimental Blazor WebAssembly project but I ran into some errors. I contacted support and they had an update to the library ready in mere hours!

I can’t recommend this library highly enough!

As a .NET developer, this is the first time I send a testimonial to a library. I have tried no less than five PDF libraries, but I think Docotic.Pdf is undoubtedly the best. Its excellence lies not only in its rich and comprehensive functions but also in its more in-depth and professional quality in these functions, and it has many functions that other PDF libraries do not have, such as the processing of vector graphics.

In addition, I have to say that the support team of Docotic.Pdf is excellent, quick response, problem focus, and problem-solving. I have only one sentence to describe this team - beyond your imagination!


Docotic.Pdf has been a life saver for us. And we really appreciate the support that you gave when we needed it.

We have been looking for a managed or .NET-friendly Adobe Acrobat parser, which could handle any malformed or encrypted document, repair or decrypt it and extract, remove or modify its objects, such as attachments, images, scripts, links, media, interactive forms, etc.

We have conducted the same tests for many solutions and found that Docotic.Pdf handled encrypted files more easily and has much prettier API than the others, which is a very good compromise between high and low level access. It enables dealing with PDF documents even easier than with MS Open XML documents.

Even from the start we did not have all the needed functionality out-of-the-box, their support is so robust, that in a month we had everything, we need, being added or fixed.

Recommended for professional editing or generating of Adobe Acrobat documents.

Docotic.Pdf worked great in our application. It has simple and flexible API, and the quality of PDF rendering is very good: much better than several competing libraries we tried.

The support is very helpful and professional. Thank you for this awesome product!

Mikhail Kachala

We have successfully implemented Docotic.Pdf and are incredibly happy with it. With just a few lines of code we reduced a PDF, created by Crystal reports, from 23Mb to 155Kb. Saving of over 99% per document is fantastic.

The ease with which we were able to add Docotic to the application, added to the fact that 'it just works', is astounding. Very impressed.

We use Docotic.Pdf library in our cloud solution. It was very easy to implement. Due to it’s cloud friendly license model, we could get rid of our virtual machines (which resulted in a very happy Dev Ops).

We process a lot of different pdf’s, and once in a while we run into one that cannot be process. The support and development team is extremely efficient and often they release a fix the same day.

Props to you guys for creating a high quality component. Props also for making the component available as a nuget package. You guys got extra marks for being Continuous Integration friendly.

The Docotic.Pdf library is helping us replace a very expensive vendor package. The API is very well thought out and simple to use, and the documentation and sample programs are excellent. In addition, the support we've received both before and after purchase has been fast, helpful and appreciated. It is an excellent product!

I implemented your software within just a few minutes and am very happy with the results. Previously it was taking us 16 seconds to process 35 tiffs to pdf. It now takes 0.3 seconds. This solved an immense processing queue issue.

I have to let you guys know how thankful I am that you are so supportive. You are very quick to respond to emails. And when there are problems, you work hard and fast to correct them. Your willingness to help with coding problems and come up with working sample code is a huge benefit.

Most 3rd party tool developers that I've worked with are reasonably supportive, but you guys exceed all expectations.

We have tested many other solutions available on the market but no one has provided the stability and quality.

Using Docotic.Pdf in our solution has been a highly effective and time-saving method to ensure a constant and immediate update without manual processing.

Niklas Bissø

Thanks very much for your great support.

It has been very helpful, and truly you are meeting your high standard of customer support.

My development effort in Docotic.Pdf was fantastic. I found the Docotic.Pdf sample code clear and the documentation complete. Due to the well-designed API, my Dev effort was short and defects were easily resolved.

Matt Morey

The Docotic.PDF is very good library.

The best part is that is very user friendly to the developer, with intuitive function names and excellent help guide and samples - the exact way a developers kit should be.

Sujay Ghosh

Docotic.pdf came along as the library able to handle the task to navigate through pdf documents, select and copy specific portions. Its api is clean, well documented and easy to use. Furthermore, the support team of bitmiracle was competent, very helpful to solve issues and extremely fast in their response.