Docotic.Pdf license types


  • $995
  • For one desktop or mobile application
  • Bound to attributes of entry assembly
  • Can be used in the application you sell


  • $995
  • For one production server
  • Bound to a unique ID of a server
  • Free licenses for test servers


  • $3,295
  • For all your PDF needs
  • Unbound
  • One license for all your projects


  • $5,395
  • More than Ultimate
  • Priority support
  • Integration services
Application Server Ultimate Ultimate+
Intended use One desktop or mobile application One production server All your PDF needs All your PDF needs and more
Price $995 $995 $3,295 $5,395
Discount 30% off for small companies,
free in certain cases
Renewal price $498 $498 $1,648 $3,495
License type Perpetual (keeps working even if not renewed)
Updates and bug fixes for one year
Features included All the features supported by the library
Platforms included Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS
Number of developers Unlimited
Number of local and remote users Unlimited
For a desktop or mobile application
Allows unlimited number of desktop or mobile applications
For a web application
Allows unlimited number of servers
For Azure Functions, AWS Lambda and other serverless environments
Works with autoscaling
For an SDK, library or API
Works with Native AOT
Includes free license for test assemblies Not needed Not needed
Includes free license for development/test servers Not needed Not needed
License binding To attributes of entry assembly To unique ID of server Unbound Unbound
Allows hardware changes Yes. Requires you to contact support for a new license key
E-mail support
Priority support (including weekends and holidays)
Support in Skype group chats
Integration services (16 hours)
Buy Application Buy Server Buy Ultimate Buy Ultimate+


All licenses are perpetual. Every license includes one year of software maintenance (support and product updates).

Payment methods

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30-day money-back

We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. If you decide that Docotic.Pdf is not worth the money you spent on it then just write us a letter. We'll refund your order without any questions. When someone isn't happy with our software we aren't happy with their money.


You can upgrade any purchased license to another one at any time by paying the difference in price.