Free PDF Library offer

Eligible projects and/or people can receive an Ultimate License for Docotic.Pdf free of charge. It is a $3,295 value for free. Support and updates are included.

The free license is provided either to an eligible project or to an eligible person. The license includes one year of support and updates. To receive support and updates after the first year, the license must be renewed. The license can be renewed free of charge if the project/person stays eligible.

Free PDF library

Who is eligible?

Open source projects

To be eligible, the project must meet the Open Source definition. The license of the project does not matter. It can be BSD, LGPL, GPL, AGPL, or some other license.

The project should be at least some months old and should be actively developed.

Core developers of the project must not receive payment for their work within the project. There should be no commercial services around the project. The project maintainers/owners should not provide paid versions of the software. The project must not be funded by commercial companies or organizations (governmental, non-governmental, educational, or research). It's okay to receive donations from the community.

We do NOT guarantee that any open source project that meets the aforementioned criteria will receive a free license, but please contact us with basic information about your project. The URL of the project workspace and/or repository, and a short description of how you plan to use the license would be enough for a start.

Experts and valuable professionals

This includes Microsoft MVPs, developer advocates, presidents or owners of user groups related to .NET and PDF, and others who share their knowledge with the community.

If you answer questions on Stack Overflow or MSDN, write articles, do webinars, hold training events, help others in user groups, or make other public and free contributions then you may be eligible.

We do NOT guarantee that anyone from the aforementioned groups will receive a free license, but please contact us with basic information about yourself. We would like you to send us links to your site/blog, or articles on 3rd party sites. It would definitely help if you provide us links to your profiles in social media and/or on sites like LinkedIn, StackOverflow, MSDN, reddit, GitHub or similar.

How can I use the license?

Here are the simple rules:

  • You can put the license code and the code owner information in any of your publicly accessible source code.

  • It is allowed to share the license code and the code owner information with open-source forks of your project.

  • It is NOT allowed to use the free license in other projects like your company's internal software, your consulting works, etc.

  • It is NOT allowed to create competing PDF libraries, services or applications. By using the free license, you agree to the terms and conditions of Docotic.Pdf License Agreement.

  • You are not responsible if someone takes the license code and the code owner information from your source code and uses it without permission.