Compare PDF documents, read PDF metadata in C# and VB.NET

Compare PDFs in C# and VB.NET

Compare PDF files

Docotic.Pdf library can compare PDF documents for you.

You can compare different versions of a document using one of the DocumentsAreEqual methods.

These methods compare all of the PDF objects, ignoring some properties such as trailer IDs and creator info.

Read and modify PDF metadata

The library can be used to read and change standard PDF document properties and XMP metadata properties.

All standard properties (author, creator, keywords, producer, subject, and title) can be read and changed.

Any XMP schema can be read and changed. Use XmpMetadata class to access custom metadata properties, well-known schemas like XMP Core/XMP Basic and Dublin Core, and other schemas.

You can also extract raw XMP metadata using XmpMetatada.Save() methods.