Free Trial limitations in Docotic.Pdf

In evaluation mode, you can use Docotic.Pdf for evaluation only. You may not redistribute Docotic.Pdf or any product built with a trial version of Docotic.Pdf.

When used without a license key, the library operates in the restricted mode.

Docotic.Pdf evaluation mode

Free time-limited license

To test the library without evaluation mode restrictions, get a free time-limited license key using the form on the Docotic.Pdf page.

The temporary license key removes the evaluation mode limitations for 31 days. You may not use the temporary key in a production environment or software that you distribute to your users.

Making sure Docotic.Pdf runs with a valid license

You can use LicenseManager.HasValidLicense property in any part of your app to make sure a license is applied and is valid.

When this property returns false, the library operates in the restricted mode.

We recommend checking this property even after you purchase a license from us. Doing so, you can ensure that the library operates as expected in your production environment. Even when the configuration of your solution changes.

We also recommend checking the license troubleshooting guide.

Using Docotic.Pdf without a license

You can try Docotic.Pdf without a license, but in this mode the library applies some restrictions to its operations.

1. In every generated document, the library adds an evaluation notice printed across each page. The notice starts with "Created with a trial version of Docotic.Pdf".

The Docotic.Pdf evaluation warning for generated pages

2. When reading existing documents, the library replaces the second half with empty pages and a warning on top of them. The warning starts with "Docotic.Pdf did not read the content of this page".

The Docotic.Pdf evaluation warning for skipped pages

3. The library will throw an exception if you try to save a document incrementally. The same will happen if you try to access or save XMP metadata.