Server License for Docotic.Pdf

$995 per server

The royalty-free license for using Docotic.Pdf library on one production server.

Only production servers need a license to be purchased. For development/staging/testing servers and developer workstations we generate license keys free of charge.

One server needs only one license. It does not matter:

  • how many different applications on that server use the library
  • or how many CPUs the server has
  • or how many (remote) clients concurrently access the server.

The license is bound to a unique identifier of server (see FAQ below).

You may upgrade or otherwise change your servers and developer workstations. Please note that you will need to contact support for a new license key(s) after each change of the hardware identifier of your server(s).

This license type is not suitable in the following cases:

  • in Azure Functions, AWS Lambda and other serverless environments
  • when server hardware changes automatically because of auto-scaling or other reasons

The license does not expire and you don't need to or have to renew it. You might want to renew your license if you decide to upgrade to any version of Docotic.Pdf library released more than a year since the day of your purchase.

Any new version of Docotic.Pdf released within 12 months since your purchase can be used by you free of charge. Any upgrades after 12 months from the date of purchase are subject to additional fees (50% of the regular price).

By using a Server license, you agree to the terms and conditions of Docotic.Pdf end-user license agreement.

Server License FAQ

What happens after I place an order?
After your purchase you will receive a temporary license key. We'll need to know the unique identifier of your production server and all the development/staging/testing servers and workstations in order to be able to generate permanent key(s) for you.

How can I find the unique identifier for a server?
Please download UID generator application for that. When you run it, that application will display a unique ID for the server. You will need to tell us the ID. Alternatively, the library itself can tell you the same value. The value of the LicenseManager.Uid property is the UID of the server.

I work for a software reseller. Can my company purchase a license and resell it to an end user?

Yes, it can. Resellers can purchase licenses and license renewals on behalf of end customers. Resellers can resell each license or license renewal to one end user only.