Ultimate+ License for Docotic.Pdf

$5,395 per license

The royalty-free license for using Docotic.Pdf library on any number of servers and in any number of applications. The Ultimate+ License includes additional services:

  • Priority Support.
    Your requests will be processed before others, even on weekends and holidays.
  • Support in Skype group chats.
    You will get access to a dedicated Skype group chat to ask Docotic.Pdf developers directly.
  • Integration services.
    The license includes 16 hours of custom development and consulting from our development team.

There are no developer licenses. The license cost is fixed and all developers use the same license.

The license is not bound to any hardware or software properties (see FAQ below).

The license does not expire and you don't need to or have to renew it. You might want to renew your license if you decide to upgrade to any version of Docotic.Pdf library released more than a year since the day of your purchase.

Any new version of Docotic.Pdf released within 12 months since your purchase can be used by you free of charge. Any upgrades after 12 months from the date of purchase are subject to additional fees ($3,495 / year).

By using an Ultimate+ license, you agree to the terms and conditions of Docotic.Pdf end-user license agreement.

Ultimate+ License FAQ

What happens after I place an order?
We will send you a license key shortly after 2Checkout receives your payment. The license key won't expire, so you don't have to renew your license.

Can I use an Ultimate+ License to develop software as a service/server-based software for sale?
Yes, you can. With Ultimate+ License, the library can be distributed to an unlimited number of your customer's servers as part of your application.

Can I get more than 16 hours of your custom development and consulting services?
Yes. Please contact us with a basic information about your project and tasks.

I am a contractor / consultant. Can I purchase an Ultimate+ license and use it in several projects for different customers?
It depends. One Ultimate+ license is for one company or individual (no matter how many projects or servers). You as a consultant / contractor:

  1. can use one license for your needs when working for multiple companies or individuals.
  2. can build a software that uses the library and sell it to multiple customers.
  3. are not allowed to develop a solution that depends on the library for a customer and then use the same license for another customer.

So if your customer is the one who owns the solution (case 3) then he is also the owner of the license. And it is only allowed to use the license in his solution.

In cases 1 and 2, you are the owner of the license and can use the license in all your projects.

Our team / company develops software for our customers. Can we purchase an Ultimate+ license and use it in several projects for different customers?
It depends. Please read the previous question for more information.

Can I resell an Ultimate+ License to my customers?
No, it is forbidden to resell your license. But resellers can purchase a license on behalf of the end user.

When using an Ultimate+ License there are some restrictions:

  • you are not allowed to create products, services, components, or applications that compete with Docotic.Pdf
  • your customers, if any, are not allowed to use Docotic.Pdf library directly (only via your software or service)
  • you can't resell an Ultimate+ License to your customers
  • your customers should not post support requests directly to us.

I work for a software reseller. Can my company purchase a license and resell it to an end user?

Yes, it can. Resellers can purchase licenses and license renewals on behalf of end customers. Resellers can resell each license or license renewal to one end user only.