Client testimonials about Bit Miracle

This sort of very fast and very detailed support answers gives a lot of confidence in your company and your product. I just want to let you know that in the end, it was partly because of this great support that you now have a new customer :-)

Props to you guys for creating a high quality component. Props also for making the component available as a nuget package. You guys got extra marks for being Continuous Integration friendly.

I have to let you guys know how thankful I am that you are so supportive. You are very quick to respond to emails. And when there are problems, you work hard and fast to correct them. Your willingness to help with coding problems and come up with working sample code is a huge benefit.

Most 3rd party tool developers that I've worked with are reasonably supportive, but you guys exceed all expectations.

Thanks very much for your great support.

It has been very helpful, and truly you are meeting your high standard of customer support.

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