Jpeg2000.Net - C# library for JPEG 2000 images

The royalty-free JPEG 2000 codec available as a pure .NET library.

The codec is written in C# without unsafe code and external dependencies.

The codec is available for WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET. A version for .NET Standard Library / .NET Core / ASP.NET Core is also available.

We provide a set of C# and VB.NET samples to help you integrate the codec in your project quickly.

There is also the help file available for download.


  • Can compress and decompress JPEG 2000 images in C# and VB.NET
  • Lossy or lossless compression
  • Alpha-channel support
  • Can decode and encode images with up to 16 bits per component
  • Can decode only part of an image
  • Can decode particular tile only
  • Can limit number of quality layers to be decoded
  • Allows different compression ratios for different layers
  • Allows to choose number of resolutions in the encoded image
  • 100% managed, without unsafe blocks
  • Available for .NET Standard Library / .NET Core / ASP.NET Core
  • No external dependencies

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