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Property TransformationSource



Gets or sets the value specifying how the 3D camera-to-world transformation matrix should be determined for this view.

public Pdf3dViewTransformationSource TransformationSource { get; set; }

Property Value


The value specifying how the 3D camera-to-world transformation matrix should be determined.


Default value: Artwork.

U3dPath value only makes sense for U3D data. I.e., when the value of the associated 3D stream Format property is equal to U3D.

The only valid values for the PRC data are CameraToWorld and Artwork.

Position and orientation of 3D artwork typically involves translation (movement) and rotation along any axis. The virtual camera represents the view of the artwork. The relationship between camera and artwork may be thought of in two ways:

  • The 3D artwork is in a fixed position and orientation, and the camera moves to different positions and orientations.
  • The camera is in a fixed location, and the 3D artwork is translated and rotated.

Both approaches may achieve the same visual effects; in practice, 3D systems typically use a combination of both. Conceptually, there are three distinct coordinate systems:

  • The artwork coordinate system.
  • The camera coordinate system, in which the camera is positioned at (0, 0, 0) facing out along the positive Z axis, with the positive X axis to the right and the positive Y axis going straight up.
  • An intermediate system called the world coordinate system.

The camera-to-world matrix specifies the position and orientation of the camera in the world coordinate system. For CameraToWorld, this matrix is specified by GetCameraToWorldTransformation() and SetCameraToWorldTransformation(double[]) methods. For U3dPath, this matrix is specified by GetU3dPath() and SetU3dPath(string[]) methods.