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Jpeg codec and LibTiff


Recently, one of the users of our LibTiff.Net helped us to find a bug in Jpeg codec of the library. So, we’ve published new bug-fix release of the LibTiff.Net library.

As always, you can download updated version here:

Thanks for your help and support requests. Please don’t hesitate to contact us using e-mail or via the support form at We love to hear from our users.

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LibTiff.Net is ready for you


I’m pleased to announce that we’ve completed LibTiff.Net. It is free and open source version (port) of classic LibTiff written using C#.

License is practically the same as for LibTiff. API is very close to original one. Code is fully managed.

LibTiff.Net was developed with a goal to produce images that are byte-to-byte equal to images produced by LibTiff-3.9.4.

You can download binaries or source code with tests here:

Differences (mostly renames of function names and types) between

LibTiff.Net and LibTiff-3.9.4 are described here.

Following codecs are implemented:

LZW, Packbits, Jpeg (using our own LibJpeg.Net), all CCITT versions, Deflate, Adobe Deflate

I hope you will find LibTiff.Net useful. Please write us if you have any questions or find any bugs.

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LibJpeg.Net is ready for download


after months of development LibJpeg.Net is ready.

LibJpeg.Net is a fully managed development library written using c#. Library based on classic LibJpeg 6b from Independent JPEG Group.

We’ve released LibJpeg.Net under very permissive BSD-like license. You can use LibJpeg.Net in open source and commercial application or library free of charge. Please read full license text on this page.

You can get full source code (with tests and test images) here or already built binaries (for .NET Framework 2.0 and newer) here.

We really want to hear from you. Please write us about any found bugs, send your suggestions or ask questions if you have any.

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LibJpeg.Net is at final stage of development


Today I want to share a good news with all of you: LibJpeg.Net is almost ready for release!

We started this free (as in speech and in beer) and open source project several months ago because we needed managed Jpeg library for our Docotic project. Docotic is a .NET library for reading and writing PDF files, so ability to handle images is essential to it.

We tried to find Jpeg library with quality comparable to quality of LibJpeg but without success. Sure, there are some .NET wrappers for LibJpeg, but no pure managed implementations. So, we started to implement our own 🙂

And now this work is almost done! We’ll announce when LibJpeg.Net will be available for download (and it’s source code too) in this blog, but you can also write us a letter and we’ll notify you by e-mail.

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Hello there!


My name is Sergius Bobrovsky and I welcome you at “Bit Miracle News”.

This is the first of many posts about Bit Miracle’s products and interesting facts that we want to share with you.

Next post will be about LibJpeg.NET, our first product that will soon get released.

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