A whole lot of bug fixes in Docotic.Pdf 4.2

New version of Docotic.Pdf library is out.

Docotic.Pdf 4.2 is mostly a “bug fixes and improvements” release. Nevertheless, it brings some new features, too.

The new version adds ability to embed previously non-embedded fonts and vice versa. Have a look at PdfFont.Embed() and PdfFont.Unembed() methods.

For those who are willing to produce smallest PDFs possible there is new ability to remove structure information from documents. We added PdfDocument.RemoveStructureInformation() method and PdfSaveOptions.RemoveUnusedObjects property for you.

Form filling become more capable in this version. Library can rotate controls. You can specify font size equal to zero for text and combo boxes (to cause their font size to be auto adjusted). In addition, the new version can import appearance streams while importing FDF files.

The new version does better job in recompressing and scaling of images. Version 4.2 also draws documents better. Especially in high resolutions.

There are other improvements and a whole lot of bug fixes. Too much to talk about them here. Read about all new features and improvements in Docotic.Pdf 4.2 in the Version History document. There are information about one breaking change related to fonts.

We encourage you to download and try the new version.

Please write us about your findings with Docotic.Pdf using e-mail or via the support form. Don’t hesitate to write us your questions, suggest features or ask for help.

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