Setup PDF page labels, sizes, and other settings in C# and VB.NET

Add page labels to PDF pages in C# and VB.NET

Add labels to PDF pages

The library can read and create PDF page labels.

Using methods and properties of Docotic.Pdf you can add different kinds of labels to the pages of your PDFs. You can mark pages with roman numerals or uppercase letters, for example.

Setup how PDF should be displayed

With the help of the library you can easily setup how your PDFs should be displayed by a PDF viewer application.

You can specify what page should be displayed when a document is opened, which UI elements of a viewer application should be shown or hidden, how pages of your PDFs should be laid out on screen, and what else should be displayed along with pages.

Setup PDF page size and properties

You can specify any size in pixels for any page in your documents. Or you can use one of predefined page sizes like A4, Legal, or Folio.

Additional properties like the orientation of a page (portrait or landscape) and rotation can also be easily set.

Please take a look at the sample that shows how you can setup various PDF page properties.