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Property SkipInvisibleText



Gets or sets a value indicating whether to extract hidden text.

public bool SkipInvisibleText { get; set; }

Property Value


true to do not extract hidden text; false otherwise.


Default value: false.

This property allows to skip text when:

  • Text is rendered in the mode that produces no visible output (like NeitherFillNorStroke).
  • Text is drawn outside of active clip region.
  • Text is drawn on a hidden layer.
  • Text is drawn on a hidden control or annotation.

Note that there are other ways to hide text in PDF document. For example, text can be overlapped by other page objects (e.g. by image, form control or filled rectangle). Or text can be drawn with the same color as background (e.g. white text on white background).

SkipInvisibleText property does not allow to skip text in such cases. Extract and handle page objects manually to skip text hidden with such techniques. Look at "Pages and Navigation -> Extract text, paths and images" sample for more detail.