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Property OwnerPassword



Gets the owner password to use while encrypting data.

public string OwnerPassword { get; }

Property Value


The owner password to use while encrypting data.


Owner password allows full (owner) access to the document. This unlimited access includes the ability to change the document's passwords and access permissions.

If only owner password is specified and UserPassword is null or empty string, then users of the encrypted document will be able to open it without a password.

If owner password is null or empty string and user password is not null and not empty string, then the document will be saved with the same value for user and owner passwords.

Password may contain any Unicode codepoints when Algorithm property equals to Aes256Bit.

When Algorithm is Standard40Bit, Standard128Bit or Aes128Bit, we recommend using ASCII characters only in passwords. PDF documents with non-ASCII passwords depend on the current OS code page and might be unreadable on other computers.

Currently, the library throws PdfException while encrypting PDF document with RC4 or AES-128 algorithms if password contains any character outside of Latin-1 character set.