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Property UseObjectStreams



(PDF 1.5) Gets or sets a value indicating whether to pack objects into compressed object streams and produce cross-reference streams before producing PDF files.

public bool UseObjectStreams { get; set; }

Property Value


true if the library should use object and cross-reference streams; otherwise, false.


Default value: true.

When this property is true, the library packs objects into compressed object streams. The library also uses cross-reference streams instead of regular cross-reference tables. This helps to produce smaller output files but will require Adobe Reader 6 released in 2003 or newer to view produced PDF files.

The value of this property is ignored when ProducePdfA is true because object streams are not allowed in PDF/A documents.

Even when this property is false, the library can produce a file with cross-reference streams (but not with object streams). This happens when the file already contains a cross-reference stream and WriteIncrementally is true.

The library won't produce object streams when incrementally updating a file without cross-reference streams. Even if this property is true.