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Interface IFallbackFontProvider


Defines method used to load a fallback font for a given font description.

public interface IFallbackFontProvider


PDF documents can reference fonts that are not embedded in the document. The library uses IFontLoader to load bytes for non-embedded fonts. Sometimes IFontLoader cannot load appropriate bytes. For example, when the corresponding font is not installed in the system. In such cases, the library requests fallback font bytes using this interface.

You can create a custom fallback font provider by implementing this interface. By default, the library uses DefaultFallbackFontProvider class to load fallback fonts.

A custom provider might be useful for PDF documents with non-embedded CJK fonts. Your implementation of IFallbackFontProvider can use CJK or Pan-CJK fonts with an appropriate license from this list.



Provides fallback font bytes for a non-embedded PDF font.