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History of Docotic.Pdf releases in 2011

Version 3.3

December 26th, 2011

Version 3.2

October 11th, 2011

  • Added support for buttons with images. See PdfButton.Image property and Button with image sample.

  • Fixed some bugs related to buttons.

Version 3.1

September 20th, 2011

  • Improved accuracy of all calculations.

  • Added new PdfPoint, PdfRectangle and PdfSize structures for more precise sizing and positioning of PDF entities. Read more about changes in Docotic.Pdf API in Accuracy-related changes in Docotic.Pdf 3.1 API.

  • Added new text extraction mode - extract text with formatting. See PdfDocument.GetTextWithFormatting and PdfPage.GetTextWithFormatting methods.

  • Added new property PdfDocument.SharedScripts. This property can be used to define one or more shared scripts. Functions defined by such scripts are available for use by other scripts in the document.

  • Fixed threading-related bugs. Now Docotic.Pdf is thread-safe.

  • Fixed bugs with outline items.

  • Fixed bugs with forms parsing.

  • Improved creation of text boxes and combo boxes.

  • Improved text positioning.

  • Other bug fixes.

  • Added more samples.

Version 3.0

July 7th, 2011

  • Added support for linearization (Fast Web View optimization). See PdfSaveOptions.Linearize property.

  • Added new property PdfDocument.IsLinearized. This property can be used to check if an open file is linearized (optimized for Fast Web View).

  • Added support for AES encryption and decryption. See PdfEncryptionAlgorithm enumeration.

  • Added new method PdfDocument.IsPasswordProtected.

  • Added new methods for recompression of existing images in a PDF document. Please take a look at PdfImage.Uncompress, PdfImage.RecompressWithFlate, PdfImage.RecompressWithGroup3Fax, PdfImage.RecompressWithGroup4Fax and PdfImage.RecompressWithJpeg methods. These methods are useful if you want to optimize PDF images or reduce PDF size.

  • Added new PdfDocument.OpenImage method and two new classes (PdfImageFrames and PdfImageFrame) that are useful if you want to add only some of the image frames (pages) to document or if you want to recompress image frames before adding them to document.

  • Added new property PdfDocument.SaveOptions. This property is useful if you want to fine tune the way the library will save documents.

  • Added new overloads for PdfDocument.AddImage method.

  • Added new overloads for PdfDocument.DocumentsAreEqual method.

  • Added PdfOutlineItem.Page and PdfOutlineItem.PageIndex properties. These properties may be used to find out which page an outline item points to.

  • Added new methods for accessing controls in PdfDocument.

  • Improved error reporting for images.

  • Improved forms support.

  • Fixed bugs with OJpeg-in-Tiff images.

  • Fixed bug with outline (bookmarks) reading.

  • Fixed bug with incorrect order of image pages.

  • Improved opening of existing documents.

  • Improved embedding of fonts.

  • Other bug fixes.

  • Added more samples.

Version 2.3

March 30th, 2011

  • Added support for image extraction.

  • Added support for bold/italic and colored outline items.

  • Added support for page labels.

  • Added support for JBIG2-encoded streams.

  • Added support for page extraction and copying.

  • Added support for vertical alignment in PdfTextBox.

  • Improved text extraction.

  • Improved parsing of existing documents.

  • Added more samples.

  • Fixed some bugs.

Version 2.2

February 1st, 2011

  • Greatly improved performance.

  • Greatly improved form filling.

  • Improved text extraction.

  • Added support for OJPEG-compressed TIFF images.

  • Improved parsing of existing documents.

  • Added support of import and export of Forms Data Format (FDF).

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