Support for XMP Metadata, improved text extraction and other improvements in Docotic.Pdf 3.3


I am pleased to announce that we’ve released new version of Docotic.Pdf library.

The version 3.3 brings support for XMP Metadata, improved text extraction and other improvements and bug fixes.

Starting from this version Docotic.Pdf can be used to read and modify documents metadata. You can edit any XMP schema and add new schemas. The library provides convenient way to access properties of well-known XMP schemas like Dublin Core or XMP Basic. There is also support for setting custom metadata values. Please take a look at PdfDocument.Metadata property and XmpMetadata class. Set custom metadata and Set XMP metadata samples can also might be useful to get an idea how to use the new feature.

The new version of the library fixes some bugs related to text extraction and brings new properties and methods that should give you even more control over the text extraction process. Please have a look at PdfTextData.Size and PdfTextData.Bounds properties and PdfDocument.GetText and PdfPage.GetText methods.

With help of the latest version of Docotic.Pdf you can easily reorder pages in PDF documents. We added new PdfDocument.MovePage, PdfDocument.MovePages and PdfDocument.SwapPages methods that can be used to change order of pages within document. We think that you might find them useful.

We also fixed some bugs related to opening of existing PDF documents, linearization and processing of TIFF images.

Read about all new features and improvements in Docotic.Pdf 3.3 in Version History document.

As always, we encourage you to download and try the new version.

Please write us about your findings with Docotic.Pdf using e-mail or via the support form. Don’t hesitate to write us your questions or ask for help.

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