Ability to replace images, faster JPEG 2000 decoder, and support for drawing more annotation types in Docotic.Pdf 5.9


We have a new Docotic.Pdf release ready.

Docotic.Pdf 5.9 adds ability to replace images. For this we added PdfImage.ReplaceWith methods. The new Replace image sample should give you enough information about the new ability.

We decided to make it more obvious that inline images cannot be recompressed or replaced by the library. Therefore, the corresponding methods now throw UnsupportedImageException when used on an inline image. You can avoid unnecessary exceptions by checking the PdfImage.IsInline property before trying to modify an image. Or you can move inline images to resources first by using one of the PdfCanvas.MoveInlineImagesToResources methods. Please note that moving inline images to resources can increase file size.

Added support for drawing of different annotation types: caret, ellipse, ink, line, movie, 3D, polygon, polyline, printer mark, rich media, screen, signature, text markup, trap network and watermark annotations.

Version 5.9 decodes JPEG 2000 images faster than any previous version. This is because of the optimizations we made to the JPEG 2000 decoder.

Besides the Replace image sample we added Find and highlight text and Header and Footer samples. And we extended Copy text, paths and images sample.

In this release we fixed bugs related to text and images drawing and extraction. And quite some other issues too. As always, we improved support for broken and incorrect documents.

Read about all new features and improvements in Docotic.Pdf 5.9 in Version History document.

We encourage you to download and try the new version. This version is also available on NuGet.

Please tell us your thoughts about the new version using e-mail or via the support form. Don’t hesitate to write us your questions, suggest features or ask for help.

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