Support for PDF layers, improvements in forms handling and more precise drawing

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that Docotic.Pdf 4.9 is out on our site and on NuGet.

In the latest version we added support for layers (also known as optional content groups). The library can now create layers, enumerate existing layers, add widgets, controls and XObjects to layers. Check the Layers group of samples for some examples of what was added.

Starting from Docotic.Pdf 4.9 the library can draw documents with soft masks properly. And we also improved support for blend modes and transparency groups. By the way, the new version can also remove transparency groups from PDF documents. This feature is important if you are converting existing documents to PDF/A.

We significantly improved forms handling in the library. The library does better job in parsing of controls and their associated actions. We fixed issues related to drawing of forms and changing properties of existing controls. And we didn’t miss opportunity to fix some bugs in form filling and flattening.

There are number of fixes for text extraction and drawing. They include fixes for vertically written, stroked or rotated text.

We also fixed images-related issues. The new version handles JPEG, JBIG2 and PNG images (including images in CMYK color space) better.

There are quite a lot of other changes. Read about all new features and improvements in Docotic.Pdf 4.9 in the Version History document.

We encourage you to download and try the new version. This version is also available on NuGet.

Please tell us your thoughts about the new version using e-mail or via the support form. Don’t hesitate to write us your questions, suggest features or ask for help.

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