LibTiff.Net is ready for you


I’m pleased to announce that we’ve completed LibTiff.Net. It is free and open source version (port) of classic LibTiff written using C#.

License is practically the same as for LibTiff. API is very close to original one. Code is fully managed.

LibTiff.Net was developed with a goal to produce images that are byte-to-byte equal to images produced by LibTiff-3.9.4.

You can download binaries or source code with tests here:

Differences (mostly renames of function names and types) between

LibTiff.Net and LibTiff-3.9.4 are described here.

Following codecs are implemented:

LZW, Packbits, Jpeg (using our own LibJpeg.Net), all CCITT versions, Deflate, Adobe Deflate

I hope you will find LibTiff.Net useful. Please write us if you have any questions or find any bugs.

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