LibTiff.Net 2.0 with Silverlight support, improved documentation and samples is released


I am happy to announce that LibTiff.Net 2.0 is released. This version introduces Silverlight support, improved documentation and number of samples among other improvements and bug fixes.

You can download binaries or source code package with tests here:

Version History can be read here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us using e-mail or via the support form. We’ll be happy to hear about your findings with this version.

8 Responses to “LibTiff.Net 2.0 with Silverlight support, improved documentation and samples is released”

  • Thanks for supplying such a great product. I have used LibTiff.NET to create an application for analyzing gigapixel (multi-gigabyte) Tiff files. I’ve used tiling for direct access to any part of the image (not needing to load it completely in memory. This worked flawlessly, and has saved me a lot of time compared to alternatives (i.e. a wrapper around a native libtiff). The one issue I found was quickly resolved by BitMiracle in version 2.0. I’m glad to see 2.0 got better in docoumentation too. I’m impressed by the level of unit testing supplied with LibTiff.NET.

  • Adriaan,

    Thank you for your warm words.

  • hey!! Gracias, muchas gracias por el gran trabajo que hacen. Felicidades!!

  • The documentaion with the product is excellent. Could you please provide the documentation for silverlight too.

  • Anoop,

    I think that documentation for Silverlight version will be almost identical to existing one.

  • I was trying to use this in silverlight to convert G4 black and white tiff to a bitmap so I could display it in the Silverlight Image control. I can’t seem to make that work. If I reference the classic namespace it fixes the tiff type not being defined but then breaks some of the other code. silverlight does not have a type of bitmap, just bitmapimage. Do you have any silverlight samples?


  • Craig,

    Please download source code package of the library. That package contains Silverlight Test Application that shows how to display almost any TIFF in a Silverlight app.

  • Never mind I found the link to the silverlight sample, thanks.

    From your site.
    Other steps are as for WinForms, console, WPF or ASP.NET application. You may also want to download source package and take a look at Silverlight Test Application. That application shows how read the data bits of Tiff files and apply them to Silverlight’s WriteableBitmap.