LibJpeg.Net is at final stage of development


Today I want to share a good news with all of you: LibJpeg.Net is almost ready for release!

We started this free (as in speech and in beer) and open source project several months ago because we needed managed Jpeg library for our Docotic project. Docotic is a .NET library for reading and writing PDF files, so ability to handle images is essential to it.

We tried to find Jpeg library with quality comparable to quality of LibJpeg but without success. Sure, there are some .NET wrappers for LibJpeg, but no pure managed implementations. So, we started to implement our own 🙂

And now this work is almost done! We’ll announce when LibJpeg.Net will be available for download (and it’s source code too) in this blog, but you can also write us a letter and we’ll notify you by e-mail.

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