Docotic.Pdf 8.3 consumes less memory and works faster

Docotic.Pdf 8.3 and its add-ons are now available on our site and NuGet.

This release fixes some significant issues, so we recommend everyone to update. The new version of the library consumes much less memory when drawing documents, extracting text from them, or otherwise processing PDFs.

We reviewed the log messages which the library emits. As the result, version 8.3 produces messages that are more clear and meaningful.

In the free HTML to PDF add-on, we added the ability to convert HTML to PDF pages with transparent background. This ability is handy if you overlay produced pages on top of some other content. The links to the new property and sample code are in the Version History document.

Read about all new features and improvements in Docotic.Pdf 8.3 in Version History document.

We encourage you to download and try the new version. This version is also available on NuGet.

Please tell us your thoughts about the new version using e-mail or via the support form. Don’t hesitate to write us your questions, suggest features, or ask for help.

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