Docotic.Pdf for .NET 4, bug fixes and other improvements

We have released Docotic.Pdf 4.3.

Starting from this release the library ships in two versions. One version is for NET 4 and later frameworks and the other one for .NET 2 and later frameworks. So, now you can benefit from the version built for .NET 4 while you are still able to use the library in projects targeting older .NET frameworks.

Docotic.Pdf 4.3 brings support for Type 3 fonts. This version also contains number of other improvements related to fonts.

The library now can stroke and fill paths with patterns. This is a relatively rare feature of PDF format but it really shows when you try to draw document with patterns and there is no support for drawing them.

The new version adds support for PDF functions, separation color spaces and spot colors. We also fixed some issues in color processing.

We also improved extraction of text and images. These are some of the areas we improve in almost every version of the library. This is release is not an exception.

There are other improvements and bug fixes. Read about all new features and improvements in Docotic.Pdf 4.3 in the Version History document.

We encourage you to download and try the new version.

Please write us about your findings with Docotic.Pdf using e-mail or via the support form. Don’t hesitate to write us your questions, suggest features or ask for help.


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