Docotic.Pdf and .NET 2


We are starting to move away from .NET 2.

Almost 12 years passed since version 2.0 was released and a lot have changed since then. Microsoft keeps improving the framework and the C# language. And with all the new features and improvements we no longer can justify the use of the outdated version of the framework.

We will be happy to hear your opinion about the following roadmap, so please feel free to contact us using e-mail or the support form.

The roadmap is as follows:

  1. Docotic.Pdf 5.1 released on February 11th will be the last version with full .NET 2 support
  2. Next versions will target 4.0 or newer and .NET Standard 1.3/.NET Core/ASP.NET Core
  3. We will continue to ship NET 2 version of the library for a year (till February 2018) but the version won’t include any new features, only bug fixes.
  4. Customers using .NET 2 version of the library will receive fixes for found bugs until February 2018.

So, basically, we will fix bugs in .NET 2 version for a year more. We will drop any support for .NET versions earlier than .NET 4.0 in February 2018.

We believe most of our customers already use .NET 4 or newer, so the move won’t bring trouble to anyone.

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