Docotic.Pdf Library

The royalty-free PDF component for you to use if you need to create, read, or manipulate PDF documents in your application or web service.

Docotic.Pdf Library is for .NET 2.0 and later frameworks.

The library is an "Any CPU" assembly and will JIT to 64 bit code when loaded into a 64 bit process and 32 bit code when loaded into a 32 bit process. The library has no additional dependencies.

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Docotic.Pdf Library allows to create, read, or manipulate PDF
The Docotic.Pdf library is helping us replace a very expensive vendor package. The API is very well thought out and simple to use, and the documentation and sample programs are excellent. In addition, the support we've received both before and after purchase has been fast, helpful and appreciated. It is an excellent product!

-Jim Lehmer, FCS Financial

We put many hours of hard work into the library so that you don't have to be a PDF guru to accomplish your task.

Please contact us if you did not find a feature that you need. We are open to your suggestions.