PdfXObject Properties

The PdfXObject type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBoundingBox
Gets or sets the media box of the form XObject.
Public propertyCanvas
Gets the canvas of this XObject.
Public propertyDrawOnBackground
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this XObject should be drawn before any other contents of a page.
Public propertyGroup
Gets or sets the transparency group parameters of this XObject.
Public propertyHeight
Gets or sets the height of the XObject in pixels.
Public propertyId
Gets the identifier of this XObject in this PdfDocument.
Public propertyLayer
Gets or sets the layer to which this XObject belongs.
Public propertyMatrix
Gets or sets the form matrix.
Public propertyOrientation
Gets or sets the PdfPaperOrientation value specifying the orientation of the XObject.
Public propertySize
Gets or sets the PdfPaperSize value specifying the size of the XObject.
Public propertyWidth
Gets or sets the width of the XObject in pixels.

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