PdfWidgetType Enumeration

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Specifies the type of a PdfWidget.

Namespace:  BitMiracle.Docotic.Pdf
Assembly:  BitMiracle.Docotic.Pdf (in BitMiracle.Docotic.Pdf.dll)


public enum PdfWidgetType
Public Enumeration PdfWidgetType


  Member nameValueDescription
TextAnnotation0 Text annotation. See PdfTextAnnotation class.
ActionArea1 Action area. See PdfActionArea class.
Button2 Button. See PdfButton class.
CheckBox3 Check box. See PdfCheckBox class.
ComboBox4 Combo box. See PdfComboBox class.
RadioButton5 Radio button. See PdfRadioButton class.
TextBox6 Text box. See PdfTextBox class.
Signature7 Signature field. See PdfSignatureField class.
FreeTextAnnotation8 Free text annotation. See PdfFreeTextAnnotation class.
Line9 Line annotation. See PdfLineAnnotation class.
Rectangle10 Rectangle annotation. See PdfRectangleAnnotation class.
Ellipse11 Ellipse annotation. See PdfEllipseAnnotation class.
Polygon12 Polygon annotation. See PdfPolygonAnnotation class.
Polyline13 Polyline annotation. See PdfPolylineAnnotation class.
HighlightAnnotation14 Highlight annotation. See PdfHighlightAnnotation class.
UnderlineAnnotation15 Underline annotation. See PdfUnderlineAnnotation class.
JaggedUnderlineAnnotation16 Jagged-underline annotation. See PdfJaggedUnderlineAnnotation class.
StrikeoutAnnotation17 Strikeout annotation. See PdfStrikeoutAnnotation class.
Stamp18 Rubber stamp annotation. See PdfStampAnnotation class.
Caret19 Caret annotation. See PdfCaretAnnotation class.
Ink20 Ink annotation. See PdfInkAnnotation class.
Popup21 Pop-up annotation. See PdfPopupAnnotation class.
FileAttachment22 File attachment annotation. See PdfFileAttachmentAnnotation class.
Sound23 Sound annotation. See PdfSoundAnnotation class.
Movie24 Movie annotation. See PdfMovieAnnotation class.
Screen25 Screen annotation. See PdfScreenAnnotation class.
PrinterMark26 Printer’s mark annotation. See PdfPrinterMarkAnnotation class.
TrapNetworkAnnotation27 Trap network annotation. See PdfTrapNetworkAnnotation class.
Watermark28 Watermark annotation. See PdfWatermarkAnnotation class.
Artwork3D29 3D annotation. See Pdf3dAnnotation class.
ListBox30 List box. See PdfListBox class.
RichMedia31 Rich media annotation. See PdfRichMediaAnnotation class.

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