Docotic.Pdf library help > BitMiracle.Docotic.Pdf.Layout
The BitMiracle.Docotic.Pdf.Layout namespace contains methods and properties for fluent generation of PDF documents. You can use them to create complex PDF documents.

To use this namespace you would need to add a reference to the BitMiracle.Docotic.Pdf.Layout extension DLL. Or you can install Docotic.Pdf.Layout NuGet package.


Public classBorder
The border settings.
Public classColumn
A column layout.
Public classDocument
Class for building a document.
Public classImage
An image to use in LayoutContainer.
Public classInlineContainer
The container for inline elements.
Public classLayerContainer
The container for layered content.
Public classLayoutComponentContent
The result of the dynamic component processing.
Public classLayoutContainer
Class for a layout container.
Public classLayoutContext
The context for a ILayoutComponent processing.
Public classLayoutElement
An element produced by layout components.
Public classLayoutException
The exception that is thrown for incorrect layouts.
Public classLine
The line element.
Public classPageLayout
Class for building a page layout.
Public classPdfDocumentBuilder
The builder of PDF documents.
Public classRow
A row layout.
Public classSystemFont
The font descriptor for loading from the system font collection or using a custom font loader.
Public classTable
The table element.
Public classTableCell
The table cell configuration.
Public classTableCellContainer
The container for table cells.
Public classTableColumnContainer
The table schema defining what columns to use.
Public classTextContainer
A container for text content.
Public classTextPageNumber
A page number element.
Public classTextSpan
An inline text.
Public classTextStyle
The style of text.
Public classTypography
Defines common text styles.


Public interfaceILayoutComponent
The custom component.


Public delegatePageNumberFormatter
Defines a method that formats a page number as string.


Public enumerationAspectRatioMode
Specifies how to resize a content while preserving an aspect ratio.
Public enumerationFontEmbedMode
Specifies how to embed fonts to a generated PDF documents.
Public enumerationImageContentMode
Specifies how to draw an image in a container.