Docotic.Pdf library help > BitMiracle.Docotic.Pdf
The BitMiracle.Docotic.Pdf namespace provides access to PDF document processing functionality.

The PdfDocument class provides methods and properties that you can use to create, merge, modify and compare files in Portable Document Format. Other classes and interfaces provide methods and properties that allow to fine-tune produced PDF documents.


Public classCannotDecryptPdfException
The exception that is thrown when the library can not decrypt an encrypted PDF.
Public classCannotParseFdfException
The exception that is thrown when the library can not parse a Forms Data File (FDF).
Public classCannotShowTextException
The exception that is thrown when the library can not show text on a PDF canvas.
Public classDigitalSignatureException
The exception that is thrown when the library can not validate a digital signature or when the library can no sign a PDF with a digital signature.
Public classDirectoryFontLoader
An implementation of the IFontLoader interface that loads font bytes from the specified directories.
Public classImageCompressionOptions
The compression options for images produced during PDF to image conversion.
Public classIncorrectPasswordException
The exception that is thrown when the library tries to open an encrypted PDF with an incorrect password or without a password.
Public classPdf3dAnnotation
Class for a 3D annotation.
Public classPdfAction
Abstract class for an action. This class is a base class for PdfControlAction, PdfGoToAction, PdfImportDataAction, PdfJavaScriptAction and PdfUriAction classes.
Public classPdfActionArea
Class for an action area annotation.
Public classPdfActionCollection
Collection of actions.
Public classPdfBezierSegment
Cubic Bezier curve segment.
Public classPdfBrush
Class that encapsulates properties of a PdfCanvas related to non-stroking operations.
Public classPdfBrushInfo
Class that encapsulates properties related to non-stroking operations.
Public classPdfButton
Class for push button control.
Public classPdfCache
Cache of PDF objects.
Public classPdfCalGrayColorSpace
Represents a CIE-based A color space with one transformation stage instead of two.
Public classPdfCalRgbColorSpace
Represents a CIE-based ABC color space with one transformation stage instead of two.
Public classPdfCanvas
Class for a canvas (a two-dimensional region on which all painting occurs).
Public classPdfCaretAnnotation
Class for a caret annotation.
Public classPdfCheckBox
Class for a check box control.
Public classPdfClipRegion
Class for a clip region that limits the parts of the page affected by painting operators.
Public classPdfCloseSubpathSegment
Closes the subpath by appending a straight line segment from the trailing endpoint of the previous segment to the starting point of the subpath. It does nothing if the subpath is already closed.
Public classPdfCmykColor
Represents a color in a CMYK color space.
Public classPdfCmykColorSpace
Represents a CMYK device dependent color space.
Public classPdfCollection<T>
Represents a strongly typed read-only collection of PDF objects that can be accessed by index.
Public classPdfColor
Represents a PDF color.
Public classPdfColorProfile
Class for an ICC color profile.
Public classPdfColorSpace
The base class for PDF color space classes.
Public classPdfComboBox
Class for a combo box control. Combo box consists of a drop-down list optionally accompanied by an editable text box in which the user can type a value other than the predefined choices.
Public classPdfConfigurationOptions
The settings affecting the way PdfDocument works under the hood.
Public classPdfControl
Class for an interactive control on the screen that the user can manipulate with the mouse. This class is a base class for PdfCheckBox, PdfComboBox, PdfTextBox, PdfButton, PdfRadioButton and PdfSignatureField.
Public classPdfControlAction
Abstract class for an action that operates on PdfControls. This class is a base class for PdfHideAction, PdfResetFormAction, PdfSubmitFormAction classes.
Public classPdfDashPattern
Class for a line dash pattern. The line dash pattern controls the pattern of dashes and gaps used to stroke paths.
Public classPdfDecryptionHandler
Abstract base class for a PDF decryption handler. This class is a base class for PdfStandardDecryptionHandler and PdfPublicKeyDecryptionHandler classes.
Public classPdfDeviceNColorSpace
Represents a DeviceN color space.
Public classPdfDocument
Class for PDF document processing. This class can be used to create, read, merge or compare files in Portable Document Format.
Public classPdfDocumentView
Class for a particular view of a PDF document.
Public classPdfDrawOptions
The options for PDF page drawings.
Public classPdfEllipseAnnotation
Class for an ellipse annotation.
Public classPdfEmbeddedFile
Class for a file embedded in PDF.
Public classPdfEncryptionHandler
Abstract base class for all supported PDF encryption handlers. This class is a base class for PdfStandardEncryptionHandler and PdfPublicKeyEncryptionHandler classes.
Public classPdfEncryptionInfo
Abstract base class for information about an encryption scheme in a PDF document. This class is a base class for PdfStandardEncryptionInfo and PdfPublicKeyEncryptionInfo classes.
Public classPdfException
Class for errors specific to Docotic.Pdf that occur during application execution.
Public classPdfExponentialFunction
Defines an exponential interpolation of one input value and n output values: f(x) = y0, ..., yn-1.
Public classPdfFileAttachmentAnnotation
Class for a file attachment annotation.
Public classPdfFileSpecification
Class for a file specification.
Public classPdfFileSpecificationCollection
Collection of file specifications.
Public classPdfFont
Class for a font that is suitable for use with PDF document.
Public classPdfFreeTextAnnotation
Class for a free text annotation.
Public classPdfFunction
The base class for PDF function classes.
Public classPdfGoToAction
Class for a Go-To action. A go-to action changes the current document view to a specified one.
Public classPdfGrayColor
Represents a color in a Gray color space.
Public classPdfGrayColorSpace
Represents a Gray device dependent color space.
Public classPdfHideAction
Class for a Hide action. A hide action hides or shows one or more controls on the screen.
Public classPdfHighlightAnnotation
Class for a highlight annotation.
Public classPdfImage
Class for an image that is suitable for use with PDF document.
Public classPdfImageFrame
Class for one frame of an image and its options. The options specify how the frame should be processed before adding it to PdfDocument.
Public classPdfImageFrames
Class for collection of image frames and their options. The options specify how frames should be processed before adding them to PdfDocument.
Public classPdfImportDataAction
Class for an Import-Data action. An import-data action imports Forms Data Format (FDF) data into the document's interactive form from a specified file.
Public classPdfIndexedColor
Represents a color in an indexed color space.
Public classPdfIndexedColorSpace
Represents an indexed color space.
Public classPdfInfo
Class for a PDF document metadata.
Public classPdfInkAnnotation
Class for an ink annotation.
Public classPdfJaggedUnderlineAnnotation
Class for a jagged-underline annotation.
Public classPdfJavaScriptAction
Class for a JavaScript action. A JavaScript action causes a script to be compiled and executed by the JavaScript interpreter. Depending on the nature of the script, various interactive form fields in the document may update their values or change their visual appearances. Netscape Communications Corporation's "Client-Side JavaScript Reference" and the Adobe "JavaScript for Acrobat API Reference" give details on the contents and effects of JavaScript scripts.
Public classPdfJavaScriptCollection
Collection of JavaScript actions.
Public classPdfLabColor
Represents a color in a L*a*b* color space.
Public classPdfLabColorSpace
Represents a L*a*b* color space.
Public classPdfLaunchAction
A launch action launches an application or opens a document.
Public classPdfLayer
Represents a layer in a PDF document. The layer is a section of content in a PDF document that can be selectively viewed or hidden by document authors or consumers. Layers are also known as optional content groups.
Public classPdfLineAnnotation
Class for a line annotation.
Public classPdfLineSegment
Straight line segment.
Public classPdfList<T>
Represents a strongly typed list of objects that can be accessed by index.
Public classPdfListBox
Class for a scrollable list box control.
Public classPdfListItem
Represents an item in a PdfComboBox or PdfListBox controls.
Public classPdfMemoryStreamProvider
An implementation of the IPdfStreamProvider interface that provides memory streams (i.e. instances of MemoryStream).
Public classPdfMixedStorageStreamProvider
An implementation of the IPdfStreamProvider interface that provides streams with mixed storage. Initially contents of any provided stream is stored in memory but can be flushed to disk if needed.
Public classPdfMovieAnnotation
Class for a movie annotation.
Public classPdfNamedAction
A named action that viewer application should perform.
Public classPdfObjectExtractionOptions
The PDF page object extraction options.
Public classPdfOutlineItem
Class for a PDF outline item (bookmark).
Public classPdfPage
Class for a PdfDocument page.
Public classPdfPageLabelingRange
Class for a page labeling range. Describes a range of pages and labeling characteristics for the pages in the range.
Public classPdfPageLabels
Collection of page labeling ranges.
Public classPdfPageObject
Class for an object painted on a PdfPage.
Public classPdfPaintedImage
Class for an image painted on a PdfPage.
Public classPdfPath
Class for a vector path retrieved from a PDF document page.
Public classPdfPathSegment
Segment of a vector path. A part of PdfSubpath.
Public classPdfPattern
Base class for all PDF pattern classes.
Public classPdfPatternColorSpace
Represents a pattern color space.
Public classPdfPen
Class that encapsulates properties of a PdfCanvas related to stroking operations.
Public classPdfPenInfo
Class that encapsulates properties related to stroking operations.
Public classPdfPermissions
Class for a user permissions of PDF document.
Public classPdfPermissionsInfo
PDF document access permissions.
Public classPdfPointSegment
Start point of a subpath.
Public classPdfPolygonAnnotation
Class for a polygon annotation.
Public classPdfPolylineAnnotation
Class for a polyline annotation.
Public classPdfPopupAnnotation
Class for a pop-up annotation.
Public classPdfPrinterMarkAnnotation
Class for a printer's mark annotation.
Public classPdfPublicKeyDecryptionHandler
The Public-Key Security decryption handler. Use it to open public key encrypted documents.
Public classPdfPublicKeyEncryptionHandler
Public-Key Security encryption handler. Use it to protect documents with certificate(-s).
Public classPdfPublicKeyEncryptionInfo
Provides information about a PDF document encrypted with a Public-Key Security Handler.
Public classPdfRadioButton
Class for a radio button control.
Public classPdfRecipientInfo
Describes a recipient who have been granted access rights to a PDF document encrypted with a Public-Key Security Handler.
Public classPdfRectangleAnnotation
Class for a rectangle annotation.
Public classPdfRectangleSegment
Rectangular segment.
Public classPdfRemoteGoToAction
Class for a remote Go-To action. A remote go-to action changes the current document view to a document view in another PDF file.
Public classPdfRenditionAction
Class for a rendition action. A rendition action (PDF 1.5) controls the playing of multimedia content.
Public classPdfResetFormAction
Class for a Reset-Form action. A reset-form action resets associated controls to their default values.
Public classPdfRgbColor
Represents a color in an RGB color space.
Public classPdfRgbColorSpace
Represents an RGB device dependent color space.
Public classPdfRichMediaAnnotation
Class for a rich media annotation.
Public classPdfSaveOptions
The current save setting (compression, optimizations and the like). These settings affect properties of PDF files produced by the library.
Public classPdfScreenAnnotation
Class for a screen annotation.
Public classPdfSeparationColorSpace
Represents a Separation color space. A color value in a Separation color space consists of a single tint component.
Public classPdfShadingPattern
Class for a shading PDF pattern.
Public classPdfSignature
Class for a digital signature in a PDF file.
Public classPdfSignatureAppearanceOptions
The options for a PDF signature appearance.
Public classPdfSignatureCertificate
Class for a certificate embedded in a signature contents.
Public classPdfSignatureContents
Class for a signature contents. This class can be used to access signature certificates and to validate or verify the signature.
Public classPdfSignatureField
Class for a signature field.
Public classPdfSignatureFieldLock
Class for a signature field lock. A signature field lock specifies a set of form fields that shall be locked when the corresponding signature field is signed.
Public classPdfSignatureTimestampOptions
The options for a PDF signature timestamp.
Public classPdfSigningOptions
The options for PDF document signing.
Public classPdfSoundAnnotation
Class for a sound annotation.
Public classPdfSpotColor
Represents a spot color.
Public classPdfStampAnnotation
Class for a rubber stamp annotation.
Public classPdfStandardDecryptionHandler
The Standard Security decryption handler. Use it to open password-protected documents.
Public classPdfStandardEncryptionHandler
Standard Security encryption handler. Use it to protect documents with passwords.
Public classPdfStandardEncryptionInfo
Provides information about PDF documents encrypted with Standard Security Handler.
Public classPdfStrikeoutAnnotation
Class for a strikeout annotation.
Public classPdfSubmitFormAction
Class for a Submit-Form action. A submit-form action transmits the names and values of associated controls to a specified uniform resource identifier (URI), presumably the address of a Web server that will process them and send back a response.
Public classPdfSubpath
Subpath of a vector path. A part of PdfPath.
Public classPdfTextAnnotation
Class for a text annotation.
Public classPdfTextBox
Class for a text box control.
Public classPdfTextConversionOptions
The options for conversion of PdfTextData objects to Unicode.
Public classPdfTextData
Class for a chunk of text data retrieved from a PDF document page.
Public classPdfTextExtractionOptions
The text extraction options.
Public classPdfTextMarkupAnnotation
Base class for text markup annotations.
Public classPdfTilingPattern
Class for a tiling PDF pattern.
Public classPdfTrapNetworkAnnotation
Class for a trap network annotation.
Public classPdfUnderlineAnnotation
Class for a underline annotation.
Public classPdfUriAction
Class for a URI action. A URI action causes a URI to be resolved.
Public classPdfViewerPreferences
Class for PDF viewer application preferences. Viewer application preferences specify the way the document is to be displayed on the screen.
Public classPdfWatermarkAnnotation
Class for a watermark annotation.
Public classPdfWidget
Class for a widget (annotation). Widget is an object such as a note, sound, or movie with a location on a page of a PDF document, or an interactive control that provides a way to interact with the user by means of the mouse and keyboard. This class is a base class for PdfControl, PdfActionArea, PdfTextAnnotation, Pdf3dAnnotation, PdfEllipseAnnotation, PdfFileAttachmentAnnotation, PdfFreeTextAnnotation, PdfHighlightAnnotation, PdfInkAnnotation, PdfJaggedUnderlineAnnotation, PdfLineAnnotation, PdfMovieAnnotation, PdfPolygonAnnotation, PdfPolylineAnnotation, PdfPopupAnnotation, PdfPrinterMarkAnnotation, PdfRectangleAnnotation, PdfScreenAnnotation, PdfSoundAnnotation, PdfStampAnnotation, PdfStrikeoutAnnotation, PdfTrapNetworkAnnotation, PdfUnderlineAnnotation and PdfWatermarkAnnotation.
Public classPdfWidgetCollection
Collection of widgets.
Public classPdfXObject
Class for a PDF form XObject.
Public classSystemFontLoader
An implementation of the IFontLoader interface that loads font bytes from well-known system font folders.
Public classUnexpectedStructureException
The exception that is thrown when the library can not parse a PDF or when the document contains unexpected objects. The exception is also thrown when a PDF does not contain expected objects.
Public classUnsupportedFontException
The exception that is thrown when the library can not process a font. It might be an embedded font or an external one.
Public classUnsupportedImageException
The exception that is thrown when the library can not open, extract or recompress an image.
Public classUnsupportedMetadataException
The exception that is thrown when the library can not process document metadata.
Public classXmpArray
Class for an XMP array. An XMP array consists of a set of values. XMP array is one of the data types allowed for values of XMP properties.
Public classXmpBasicSchema
This XMP schema contains properties that provide basic descriptive information.
Public classXmpDublinCoreSchema
This XMP schema provides a set of commonly used properties.
Public classXmpLanguageAlternative
Class for an XMP language alternative. An XMP language alternative is a simple text value with associated language identifier. XMP language alternative is one of the data types allowed for items stored in an XmpArray with XmpArrayType.Alternative type.
Public classXmpMediaManagementSchema
This XMP schema provides a set of properties that are primarily for use by digital asset management (DAM) systems.
Public classXmpMetadata
(PDF 1.4) Class for metadata attached to a PDF document or some of its parts. The metadata is of XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) format.
Public classXmpPdfSchema
This XMP schema specifies properties used with Adobe PDF files.
Public classXmpProperty
Class for an XMP property. An XMP property is a named XMP value.
Public classXmpPropertyList
Collection of XMP properties.
Public classXmpRightsManagementSchema
This schema includes properties related to rights management. These properties specify information regarding the legal restrictions associated with a resource.
Public classXmpSchema
Class for an XMP schema. A schema is a set of properties. Typically, schemas may consist of properties that are relevant only for particular types of documents or for certain stages of a workflow.
Public classXmpSchemaList
Collection of XMP schemas that are not well-known to the library.
Public classXmpString
Class for an XMP string. XMP string is one of the data types allowed for values of XMP properties.
Public classXmpStructure
Class for an XMP structure. An XMP structure is a set of one or more named fields. XMP structure is one of the data types allowed for values of XMP properties.
Public classXmpValue
Base class for classes that represent a value of an XMP property.


Public structurePdfBox
Represents a rectangle expressed in PDF's default user space coordinate system. In default user space the positive X axis extends horizontally to the right and the positive Y axis extends vertically upward.
Public structurePdfMatrix
Represents a 3x3 affine transformation matrix used for transformations in 2-D space.
Public structurePdfPoint
Represents an ordered pair of double precision floating-point x- and y-coordinates that defines a point in a two-dimensional plane.
Public structurePdfQuadrilateral
A quadrilateral represented by four double precision floating-point points.
Public structurePdfRectangle
Stores a set of four double precision floating-point numbers that represent the location and size of a rectangle.
Public structurePdfSize
Stores an ordered pair of double precision floating-point numbers, typically the width and height of a PDF rectangle.


Public interfaceIFontLoader
Exposes method used to load font bytes from a generic source (operating system, directory, etc.)
Public interfaceIPdfStreamProvider
Exposes method used to acquire streams.


Public enumerationPdfaConformance
Specifies levels of PDF/A standard conformance the library can detect.
Public enumerationPdfBlendMode
Specifies names of standard blend modes available in PDF.
Public enumerationPdfBuiltInFont
Specifies names of built-in Type1 fonts available in PDF.
Public enumerationPdfButtonLayout
Specifies how text and image should be placed on the surface of a PdfButton control relative to each other.
Public enumerationPdfCertificateRevocationCheckMode
All possible modes for certificate revocation checks.
Public enumerationPdfCertificateValidity
All possible results for certificate validity checks.
Public enumerationPdfCompression
Specifies compression filter of a document object.
Public enumerationPdfDigestAlgorithm
Specifies names of digest algorithms. Digest algorithms are used for signing documents digitally.
Public enumerationPdfDrawFormat
Specifies the image format to use while saving an image of a PdfPage.
Public enumerationPdfDrawMode
Specifies whether a shape drawn on a PdfCanvas should be stroked, filled, or filled and then stroked.
Public enumerationPdfDrawScaling
Specifies how a PdfPage should be resized before being drawn and saved as an image.
Public enumerationPdfDuplicateObjectKinds
Specifies all object kinds that can be deduplicated by the ReplaceDuplicateObjects() group of methods.
Public enumerationPdfEncryptionAlgorithm
Specifies encryption algorithm of a PdfDocument.
Public enumerationPdfExtractedImageFormat
Specifies the file format of the image extracted from PDF document.
Public enumerationPdfFileAnnotationIcon
Specifies the icon to be used in displaying PdfFileAttachmentAnnotation.
Public enumerationPdfFillMode
Specifies how the interior of a closed path is filled.
Public enumerationPdfFontFormat
Specifies the format of a PdfFont.
Public enumerationPdfImageCompression
Specifies a compression scheme of an image within a PDF document.
Public enumerationPdfImageScaleMode
Specifies when and how an image on a widget gets scaled.
Public enumerationPdfLayerIntent
Specifies names of recognizable layer intents.
Public enumerationPdfLineCap
Specifies the shape to be used at the ends of open subpaths (and dashes, if any) when they are stroked.
Public enumerationPdfLineJoin
Specifies the shape of joints between connected segments of a stroked path.
Public enumerationPdfMetadataSyncMode
Specifies how values in XMP Metadata and Document Info should be synchronized when document gets saved.
Public enumerationPdfPageLayout
Specifies the page layout to be used when the document is opened.
Public enumerationPdfPageMode
Specifies how the document should be displayed when opened.
Public enumerationPdfPageNumberingStyle
The numbering styles that can be used for the numeric portion of page labels in a labeling range.
Public enumerationPdfPageObjectType
Specifies the type of a PdfPageObject.
Public enumerationPdfPaperOrientation
Specifies paper orientation of a PdfPage or a PdfXObject.
Public enumerationPdfPaperSize
Specifies the standard paper sizes.
Public enumerationPdfPathSegmentType
Specifies the type of a PdfPathSegment.
Public enumerationPdfPatternPaintType
Specifies how the color of the PdfPattern cell is to be specified.
Public enumerationPdfPatternTiling
Specifies adjustments to the spacing of PdfPattern tiles relative to the device pixel grid.
Public enumerationPdfPermissionFlags
Specifies user access permissions for an encrypted document.
Public enumerationPdfReadingDirection
Specifies the main direction of text for the inverse Bidi algorithm.
Public enumerationPdfRenditionOperation
Enumeration for all known rendition operations.
Public enumerationPdfRotation
Specifies the rotation of a PdfPage.
Public enumerationPdfSignatureFieldLockAction
All possible actions for a signature field lock.
Public enumerationPdfSignatureFormat
Specifies digital signature formats.
Public enumerationPdfSignatureTextAlignment
Specifies the alignment of the text in a digital signature.
Public enumerationPdfSignatureType
Specifies digital signature type.
Public enumerationPdfSubmitFormat
Specifies the form in which control names and values are submitted by PdfSubmitFormAction.
Public enumerationPdfSubmitMethod
Specifies how control names and values are submitted by PdfSubmitFormAction.
Public enumerationPdfTextAlign
Specifies the horizontal alignment of text.
Public enumerationPdfTextAnnotationIcon
Specifies the icon to be used in displaying PdfTextAnnotation.
Public enumerationPdfTextRenderingMode
Specifies whether drawing text on a PdfCanvas causes glyph outlines to be stroked, filled, used as a clipping boundary, or some combination of the three.
Public enumerationPdfVersion
Specifies the version of the PDF specification to which the file conforms
Public enumerationPdfVerticalAlign
Specifies the vertical alignment of text.
Public enumerationPdfWidgetFlags
Specifies various characteristics of a PdfWidget.
Public enumerationPdfWidgetType
Specifies the type of a PdfWidget.
Public enumerationPdfZoom
Specifies PdfPage zoom type.
Public enumerationXmpArrayType
Specifies the type of an XmpArray.