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Version 4.0

October 10th, 2013

  • Implemented new text rendering engine. Drawing of PDF pages is greatly improved.
  • Added new PdfImage.Compression property.
  • Added new PdfTextBox.Comb property.
  • Added support for JPEG 2000 images (i.e. support for JPXDecode filter).
  • Added support for extraction of masked images.
  • Added new property PdfTextData.Font that returns a font of text chunk.
  • Added new property PdfTextData.RenderingMode that returns a text rendering mode for text chunk.
  • Added new properties PdfTextData.Brush and PdfTextData.Pen that allows to get information about color and opacity of text chunk.
  • Added new method PdfTextData.GetCharacters() that allows to get information about characters of arbitrary text chunk.
  • Added new property PdfDocument.Version that returns the current version of the PDF document.
  • Added new property PdfSaveOptions.Version that allows you to retrieve and / or change the version to use while saving the PDF document.
  • From now on, changing text or max length of text in a PdfTextBox might cause a PdfException to be thrown if text length is bigger than max length (and vice versa).
  • Improved opening of PDF documents.
  • Improved text extraction.
  • Fixed bugs related to extraction of TIFF images.
  • Fixed bugs related to opening of broken documents with incorrect linearization dictionaries.
  • Fixed bugs related to opening of encrypted documents with unusual file trailers.
  • Fixed bugs related to appending documents.
  • Fixed bugs related to processing of text boxes without appearance streams.
  • Fixed bugs related to processing of stream decode parameters.
  • Fixed bugs related to saving of password text boxes.
  • Fixed bugs related to swapping of pages.
  • Fixed processing of linearized documents with incorrect hint tables.
  • Fixed bugs related to processing of JPEGs with relatively big sections.
  • Fixed bugs related to processing of CMYK TIFFs.
  • Fixed bugs related to processing of Separation and DeviceN color spaces.
  • Fixed bugs related to recompression of some black-and-white images.
  • Following methods and properties (previously marked as obsolete) are removed: PdfDocument.Compression, PdfDocument.FontEmbedStyle, PdfDocument.ProducePdfA, PdfDocument.Watermarks, PdfDocument.WatermarkCount, PdfDocument.GetWatermark(System.Int32), PdfDocument.AddWatermark(), PdfFont.EmbedStyle, PdfPage.Watermark, PdfPage.RemoveWidget(BitMiracle.Docotic.Pdf.PdfWidget), PdfTextBox.VerticalAlign.
  • Removed PdfWatermark class because it was used only with obsolete method and properties.

Version 3.7

February 28th, 2013

  • Optimized speed of PDF opening.
  • Added support for file attachments and annotations. Please take a look at following new properties and methods: PdfDocument.SharedAttachments, PdfDocument.CreateFileAttachment(), PdfPage.AddFileAnnotation(PdfRectangle, PdfFileSpecification). Also please take a look at the samples.
  • Added ability to remove digital signature permissions from document. See PdfDocument.RemoveSignaturePermissions() method and PdfDocument.HasSignaturePermissions property.
  • Added ability to check if a text chunk was drawn transformed. Please take a look at following new properties: PdfTextData.IsTransformed, PdfTextData.TransformationMatrix.
  • Added new PdfPage.BleedBox, PdfPage.TrimBox and PdfPage.ArtBox properties.
  • Added ability to apply arbitrary transformation to coordinate system of a canvas. See PdfCanvas.Transform(PdfMatrix) method.
  • The library changed to better preserve existing PDF structures.
  • Improved support for JPEG-in-TIFF images.
  • PdfTextBox.VerticalAlign property marked obsolete.
  • Fixed some bugs related to page copying.
  • Fixed some bugs related to processing of document views.
  • Fixed some outline-related bugs.
  • Fixed some bugs with stream decode parameters.

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