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Property Bounds



Gets the bounds of this chunk's text on the page.

public PdfRectangle Bounds { get; }

Property Value


The bounds of this chunk's text on the page.


The bounds correspond to the smallest rectangle enclosing the text chunk. The bounding rectangle has the same orientation as the page. It means that even if the chunk is rotated or otherwise transformed (check IsTransformed property) the bounding box will retain it's orientation (but not necessarily size) and will still enclose all the text in the chunk.

The size of the bounding rectangle depends on TransformationMatrix, FontSize, and Font properties.

Note that the height of the bounding rectangle doesn't depend on the actual characters being drawn. The height is calculated using TransformationMatrix and FontSize properties and also the bounding box of Font.

The bounding box of a font is the smallest rectangle enclosing the shape that would result if all of the glyphs of the font were placed with their origins coincident and then filled.

Below is an example of Bounds value for a transformed text.

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