Free PDF Library


We in Bit Miracle understand that developers do work on free projects. Whether it an application for a charitable organization, a student’s thesis or just free side project it may benefit from a good PDF library sometimes. But what would you do if there is no budget for a paid solution?

You may find some free PDF libraries out there but they may be of low quality. Or you may find some free open-source PDF solution and begin thinking about how to use GPL / LGPL / AGPL licensed code in your closed source application.

We want to ease your work and so I am glad to announce that Docotic.Pdf Library is free for non-commercial use starting from version 2.2. We believe that it may be useful for developers searching for a good PDF library that provides high quality features and does not require you to make source code of your application open for everyone.

Read more about our free PDF library offering and write us.

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