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LibTiff.Net and LibJpeg.Net are available on GitHub


We have published our open source libraries on GutHub.

GitHub has become such a staple among the open-source development community that we decided it will be best to continue development of LibTiff.Net and LibJpeg.Net there.

Please feel free to access these libraries using following links:

We are always happy to receive help from others, so please feel free to help us with these libraries.

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Transforming C/C++ code to fully managed C# code


Last year we released free and open source LibTiff.Net library. The library is a port of original libtiff library and we thought that you may be interested to know how we have ported the code from C to C#.

So, we have published “Adapting old code to new realities” article on Codeproject site. The article describes a useful technics for transforming old-style C/C++ code to fully managed C# code. These methods were used for porting classic libjpeg and libtiff libraries to .NET Framework.

Please read “Adapting old code to new realities” on Codeproject site. We hope that you will find the article interesting.

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LibJpeg.Net is ready for download


after months of development LibJpeg.Net is ready.

LibJpeg.Net is a fully managed development library written using c#. Library based on classic LibJpeg 6b from Independent JPEG Group.

We’ve released LibJpeg.Net under very permissive BSD-like license. You can use LibJpeg.Net in open source and commercial application or library free of charge. Please read full license text on this page.

You can get full source code (with tests and test images) here or already built binaries (for .NET Framework 2.0 and newer) here.

We really want to hear from you. Please write us about any found bugs, send your suggestions or ask questions if you have any.

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LibJpeg.Net is at final stage of development


Today I want to share a good news with all of you: LibJpeg.Net is almost ready for release!

We started this free (as in speech and in beer) and open source project several months ago because we needed managed Jpeg library for our Docotic project. Docotic is a .NET library for reading and writing PDF files, so ability to handle images is essential to it.

We tried to find Jpeg library with quality comparable to quality of LibJpeg but without success. Sure, there are some .NET wrappers for LibJpeg, but no pure managed implementations. So, we started to implement our own 🙂

And now this work is almost done! We’ll announce when LibJpeg.Net will be available for download (and it’s source code too) in this blog, but you can also write us a letter and we’ll notify you by e-mail.

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