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This group contains samples that show how to use Docotic.Pdf library to draw various shapes using colors, patterns and color profiles. There are also samples for graphics path construction and clipping, transparency and blending, and also for watermarks usage.

Lines and Curves

    This sample shows how to draw straight lines and cubic Bezier curves.


    This sample shows how to draw geometrical shapes, such as circles, ellipses, rectangles and rounded rectangles using PdfCanvas class.

Graphics state

    This sample shows how to save and restore graphics state using PdfCanvas.SaveState and PdfCanvas.RestoreState methods.


    This sample shows how to construct and use graphics path.


    This sample shows how to use current graphics path as a clip region of a canvas.


    This sample shows how to use colors.

Color profiles

    This sample shows how to load an ICC profile and then create and use a color with that color profile.


    This sample shows how to use colored and uncolored tiling patterns.


    This sample shows how to draw on a canvas using semi-transparent colors.

Blend modes

    This sample shows how to customize a way in which semi-transparent objects will blend on a canvas.